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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Full Plate.

Hello dear friends in the electronic world,

After following, reading, and admiring the words and works of all the amazing crafty women and men out there on the world wide web, I feel a little inspired to set myself the challenge of attempting to join the ranks of craft bloggers.

 So, without further ado...

My name is Jane. I am the loving and doting wife of one loving and doting hubby and the mother of two (so far!) beautiful boys. I enjoy anything to do with home-making, although my favs are definitely cooking/baking and sewing/knitting. During my time outside of domesticity, I like to ride on pure powder (or on icy snow :P) in the winter,  play at being a gardener in the summer, or run with some good tunes going any time of year!

Right now life is pretty hectic (toddler and baby, need I say more?) And as the title says, I definitely have a full plate. But like a good potluck table the more you try, the more you want to pile it on. So I'm going to try to add on a little online archiving of my daily/weekly/monthly doings and see how well I can manage this china balancing act. Hopefully at the end of it all, I'll be able to look back once in a while and feel like I do accomplish things while staying at home :) So please join me by pulling up a comfortable chair, bringing on the grub, and letting the gluttony begin!

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