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Saturday, January 1, 2011

One of my inspirations

Though I mean to get around to mentioning all the great blogs I follow sooner or later... Lier at ikatbag has a great contest going on right now that makes her the first blog I'll wax rhapsodical about.

So Lier is a craftser, sewer, mom extraordinaire. I think I've seen a post on just about every type of creative thing that you can think of on her blog. I first stumbled upon ikatbag while searching for advice on how to make a foam children's sofa. Lier had a series about working with foam, in which there was the sofa post and a gorgeous foam and felt cake which made me instantly fall in love with her whimsical style. I then, of course, whiled away the next hour of my life sifting through other posts on ikatbag, enjoying her easy and honest blogging style, gawking at pictures of immaculate sewing, and bookmarking realistic make at home projects.

Go check it out!
I added ikatbag to google reader and started following along. I got totally hooked when Lier started her drafting series and am still spellbound with her latest tutorial on pockets. As soon as I get some time in my sewing line-up, I'm definitely going to run through this series one pocket at a time. 

So what's the contest? Well I'd love to win the beautiful "Pocketful of Sky" teaching quilt she made using all the pockets on the series... but if I don't win... I guess that's just a divine message for me to get off my butt and make one for myself :)

Anyway, check out ikatbag since she's got a bit of everything there! Kids crafts, felt toys, home improvement, sewing, patterns... fun ideas for anyone with children or full of child-like wonder.

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  1. Thank you, Jane, for such a beautiful post and shout out! Happy new year!