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Saturday, December 17, 2011

An At-Home Date Night Meal

The boys were with their grandparents last weekend and we got some time to sit down to this meal...

A cheese and meat platter with some of our favourite port (Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Old Tawny - we like the more aged stuff as well, but the price point is good on this one).

Here's a breakdown of the goods:

We bought everything at Longo's and here are some delicious combinations we found/were suggested by the little info cards at the store:

  • Coeur de lion with pomegranate seeds on a cornbread cracker
  • Tremonti Crontonese Red Pepper with warmed honey
  • Goat Gouda on a vegetable thin
  • Parma prosciutto wrapped around some cantaloupe and pecorino/asiago
  • Dry Sausage with anything!

The whole platter probably only cost us about $50 plus $35 for the bottle of port and we had lots of leftover of everything. It was a nice meal to have sitting in front of the telly watching "The Sing-Off" Christmas edition while the baby slept away in the Moby Wrap. A really easy and tasty way to have date night at home.

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