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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cooking with Kids: Kitchen Sink Cookies

My kids love making these because there is a lot of scooping and mixing involved. In fact, I had three kids baking with me and they all had more than enough turns with the spatulas, measuring cups and spoons.

Kitchen sink cookies are an easy cookie to improvise with because anything and everything but the kitchen sink can go into them. You simply start with the ratio of 1 part butter/oil combination to 1.5 parts sugar/honey/sweetener. Throw in an egg. Let the kids scoop in enough flour to give the batter a wet mashed potatoes consistency, plus a spoonful or so of baking soda.

Then the fun begins as the kids get busy bossing each other around about how many chocolate chips go in or when and how long to stir it.  This time around the kids got some mini chocolate chips and whole grain cereal flakes.  Also fun are nuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, (chips :P), etc. The kids enjoyed being in charge of how much stuff went in and how much went into their mouths. I knew they were done when the eating began to overtake the making :)

Fifteen minutes in the oven and there was a treat for all.

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