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Monday, July 9, 2012

Garlic Scape, Asparagus and Dried Tofu Stir-Fry

So I left my garlic scapes in the fridge a bit too long because I really wanted to stir fry them with dried tofu and I didn't get a chance to buy some until just recently. So unfortunately some of the scapes withered and dried, but fortunately the enjoyment my kids got out of this dish more than made up for the wait and wastage.

Garlic scapes are both the hardest and the easiest CSA item to use. Easiest because they can basically be used anywhere you would use garlic. Hardest because I don't want to waste them in a dish where their delicate flavour, milder than garlic bulbs and similar to garlic chives, is lost.

Last year I used my scapes on pizza when I was stumped as to what they are. This year, I put together their English name and their Chinese name, 蒜苔, [lightbulb!] and realised that I could stir fry them.
My MIL mixes them with dried tofu and edamame (she's a great cook!), but I wanted to make use of the last of the CSA asparagus - thus this stir fry was born.

The seasoning is super easy because all the flavour is in the ingredients. Just a little soy to give the tofu and vegetables some colour and flavour.

Wondering what dried tofu is? It's tofu that's had a lot of the water pressed out of it and usually been "marinated" in something like five spice. The texture is firm and slightly chewy, which gives it a texture almost like meat. So even though I made this dish with some chicken, you could easily increase the amount of tofu and have it as a vegetarian main dish.

The biggest surprise of the night?

"Mommy, what's this vegetable?"
"I like it, it's juicy. I like this special tofu too. Mommy, you made yummy food for us. I'm almost done my whole dinner."

Music to mommy's ears.

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