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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Pants with Flat Seams

Wow, I've been pretty negligent with my blog posting lately. Do I have any excuses? Not really. Have I been up to anything interesting or time-consuming? Possibly, but probably not. So what have I done? Coloured/crafted/read/played with the kids, did some (...okay, very little... actually, not even close to enough) Christmas baking, obsessed over my son's upcoming birthday party and tried to get the house ready for the holidays. What I really need to do is kickstart some sewing activity since I have quite a few projects planned. So here's a post about pants to get myself into the sewing mood...

I've made a lot of pants since I first started sewing. Partly because there's not a lot of sewing options for boys and partly because my kids have have non-existent waistlines and bums. Even the pyjama pants that are supposed to fit like tights tend to hang off their skinny hips. Also my boys like having "home-time" pants, as we call them - pants that are loose and soft and stretchy.

I've taken to making their pants with french seams in which I sew down the seam casing as well to create a kind of flat-felled seam. Here are some pictures to better illustrate what i'm talking about.:

easy sew pants french flat felled seams

P.S. I think I'm liking this new method of posting my instructions... What do you think? Are they legible? Or maybe it's not the readability I should be worried about... maybe I should be asking if I'm comprehensible? :)

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