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Monday, March 18, 2013

Like a 50's Housewife...

... I made some cookies for St. Patrick's day this week.

My motivation was partly wanting to eat some iced sugar cookies but mostly wanting to use these great cookie cutters (passed on to me from my mom when it became evident that I actually enjoy being in the kitchen).

Whenever I see these cutters I always think of your stereotypical 50's housewife, with her pearls, lipstick and apron, cutting heart and spade cheese sandwiches for her husband's weekly poker game.

Would she have made cookies as well? And iced them red and black? Perhaps served them with some Jack for a late night sweet? Or would frosted sugar cookies have been too effeminate for cards and cigars?

Anyway, if she had I'm sure that my cookies would not have passed the "Could we serve it to the boss?" quality control.

Luckily though, in this, the enlightened year of 2013, women no longer judge each other on the mettle of their sugar cookies, the cleanliness of their homes or the press of their husband's shirt... [warning: soapbox ahead]

We, instead, rely on much more modern measures, such as whether or not we breastfeed our babies and when we decide to wean them... [/soapbox]

Luckily for me, in 2013, I only have a few judges I worry about. They are honest and fair with their criticism and give credit where it is due.

And my cookies are good enough for this crowd.

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