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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The smell of spring...

Lilacs are the smell of spring for me. 

This bunch smelled especially fragrant as they were picked after a child-free and very productive day of house-cleaning and veggie-planting.

I often think back to the days before children #1, #2 and #3. Those days were always so productive... especially the weekends when I wasn't scheduled for work. Running and yoga, a clean house, weeded and tended lawns and gardens - all before lunch. 

There was time for afternoon naps, fancy dinners and late evening drinks with friends.

Nowadays, those luxuries are far away memories and I feel lucky that I have the time to go outside and have an early morning photo shoot with just the bleeding hearts and myself.

Although, I think part of the reason that I enjoy convening with all the new life bursting forth in blossoms and blooms is that they remind me of those earlier days when I first planted all my gardens. When I was also still young and green.

And in remembering and comparing, I can see how much more vibrant and fuller the gardens - and my life - have grown.

[Cornball me - out]

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