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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sewing a Bag

I remember my very first home-ec sewing project, it was a simple pillowcase/cloth bag with a drawstring closure.

Yes, I chose this fabric willingly... it was not forced upon me in any way.

Check out how large the drawstring casing is! Those home-ec teachers were definitely making sure we would be able to slide the drawstring through. 

And the first project that got me back into sewing full swing? Also a bag - a diaper bag big enough for cloth diapers, extra clothes and supplies for daycare.

Since then I've made many more bags and purses, including my current diaper bag which I am embarrassed to post a picture of because it is so large that I may as well be carrying my children around in it!

Sewing a bag can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it and I think it's a great first project because the end result is immediately useful. Here's my half-an-hour, made-from-scraps, impromptu Easter egg basket for my son's first hunt.

There are so many great free tutorials out there too. Here are, respectively, the Detour Diaper bag from and the Buttercup Bag from shrunk down and made in miniature as play purses for little girls.

Detour Diaper bag from

Buttercup Bag from (finished with a magnetic snap and minus button embellishment)

And here's my son's playschool backpack, modified from this Back to School Robot Messenger Bag pattern on

Added an inner zipper closure because what child's backpack can be expected to hold its contents in with only a fold-over velcro flap?

The envy of all his male classmates.

I also learned about many useful aspects of sewing while making my various bags, like pockets, zippers, interfacing and linings. If you think that this may be a good first sewing project for you then check out the above tutorials or this super cool website: which is chock full of useful tips and patterns. Or just surf around - people are super generous with their insights and projects, and chances are you'll find something to fit your bill.

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