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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slap on Some Paint

It's amazing how a little paint can give a room so much personality.

With our third child on the way, we thought it was about time to start thinking about giving our two existing boys some proper bedrooms.

Strangely enough, our firstborn wasn't all that enthusiastic about moving into the old computer room/office. (But isn't it so appealing? :P)

That is until we started adding some colour.

With a little inspiration from the colour palette of the Cars (Disney) wall stickers that I had bought from Walmart....

...the room slowly started becoming more and more appealing to our 3.5 year old. (Benjamin Moore: tropicana cabana, louisiana hot sauce, desert tan).

He's slowly earning more and more stickers from the package for showing nice big brother behaviour.

And now, suddenly, we have a child who willingly sleeps in his room. Still need to buy him some furnishings... but we may wait until he's old enough to need more, since the brothers really seem to enjoy having all the empty space to run around in :)

Next project, the baby boy's room...



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