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Monday, July 25, 2011

Using Up Extra Phyllo: Apple-Raspberry Crumble "Pie"

After making spanakopitas from leftovers in my fridge, I was inevitably left with leftover phyllo... Since it needed to be used almost right away (it had already been defrosting in my fridge for a few days), I didn't have the time or energy to do anything else special with it. I figured I'd just layer it all together and make a sort-of pie. *You can also check out the bottom of my spanakopita post for some other ideas on how to use up leftover bits of phyllo.

I layered the remaining seven or eight sheets all together with butter brushed in between and stuck them into a glass dish.

It was a little thick for a light and flaky crust, but I just really needed to get something made with the phyllo before the whining I heard on the  baby monitor turned into full-fledged crying :)

Some Granny Smith apples, roughly cubed. A pint of beautiful little raspberries from our CSA box.

Some orange peel, sugar, flour and cornstarch and a squeeze of half an old lemon sitting in our fridge.

Pack it into the crust and think to myself that it needed a little something to cover up the fruit and balance out the extra thick crust on the bottom... Decide to throw together a crumble top consisting of butter, sugar, flour and steel-cut oats.

Sprinkle the crumble on top, fold the crust over the filling, brush with my leftover melted butter and throw it into the oven just in time to get the toddler some post-nap milk.

Checked the oven at the half hour mark and noticed that the phyllo was starting to look really brown, so I threw some foil over the whole thing and left it for another half hour to make sure the juices really started bubbling.

There was a lot of phyllo in the crust, but it made for no waste of ingredients. Besides, all the more crust to soak up the ice cream with. :)

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