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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Planting with the Kids, Part 2

The seeds the kids and I planted are sprouting (not all of them, which was to be expected) and I'm starting to think about hardening them off for transplantation. Although it's been getting so warm so suddenly that I wonder if I could just plop them into the garden and see what happens.

Last year, I brought the plants out to the garden when the weather had already gotten too hot (it always happens so fast) and I lost quite a few seedlings completely. Many of the remainder really suffered in the extreme heat and didn't recover until the growing season was almost over and the frosts began setting in.

The cucumbers and peas are starting to get really large. (They really should have been planted directly in the garden, but the kids wanted to plant them in the shells.) I'm wondering if the roots are going to get really cramped in those little eggshells if I wait any longer? And do the shells need some time in the ground to get nice and soft enough for the roots to break through? I dunno.

So I am really leaning towards taking them outside this week(end) and putting them directly in the garden. Or maybe I can halfway harden them through this week? Also, I still have yet to go out and sow our carrot seeds which means we won't have carrots until really late in the season (again).

Will experiment and post the results later :)

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