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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CSA Box: Week 3

Did I mention before how much I love getting deliveries? Here's our box this week:

I have to start freezing the kale this week... there's too much for us to keep up with! Just eating the lettuce keeps us busy most of the week :) And I've got to buy some short ribs... all that bok choy is just calling out for a short rib braising - mmm mmm.

And I believe those little red berries are gooseberries. So few of them though! I think they'll have to be eaten raw or made into a small bit of syrup. Maybe served over yogurt and honey with some cardamom and rosewater?

p.s. Can you tell I'm craving Firnee (Rosewater and cardamom custard)Used to love ordering it from the Armenian Kitchen. Dang it! Why did we buy a house so far away from that place?!? All hubby and I do is crave their shawarma sandwiches and crazy good dips...  Oh gosh, I've eaten dinner and my tummy is totally grumbling again. Curses.

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