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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farmshare Goodness: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Who can receive strawberries and rhubarb together and not see pie? I'd always been more of an apple pie person, but I was more than converted after trying the strawberry rhubarb pie from Organics Family Farm during their PYO strawberry season a few years ago. Their PYO organic strawberries came in two different varieties during the period I was there and were absolutely delicious! Head and shoulders above all the other bland PYO strawberries available. And the pie was to die for, my hubby and I ate the whole 8 inch pie in one sitting. Our excuse? it was still hot from the oven when I bought it, and I was nursing at the time :) Hey, any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to eating pie.

So when my farmshare last week included a small pint of strawberries and a big bunch of rhubarb, there was only one thing to do.
Had to make a lattice top. Just seemed like the thing to do for a red pie.

Of course, I had to supplement with a box of organic strawberries from the store and as usual, I didn't have quite the right ingredients (whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose), but when you have that much red, bubbling-over goodness - your hubby will overlook just about any transgression!

Tried something from a Martha Stewart recipe and used orange juice instead of lemon juice in the pie and what a difference it made! The orange juice and rind really accentuated the strawberry-rhubarb combination... it was almost as if I'd added a shot of anise liquor.

The pie was so yummy that I almost forgot to take some pictures... so here's a picture of my piece with a chunk eaten off the end already lol. Hubby and I limited ourselves to two generously sized pieces each.(Although this pie was substantially deeper and larger in diameter than the one we polished off in one sitting - so maybe we really weren't limiting ourselves at all, perhaps we were just full!)

I'm hoping we receive more rhubarb in our box today (it's downstairs right now, just haven't had the opportunity to deal with it yet). Tempting as it is to make another one pie, I would really like to try something that showcases the rhubarb on its own. Still have last week's kale and chard to deal with as well! Off to dream about more cooking and baking!


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