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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Child's Birthday, Another Slapdash Cake

We've had a bit of family upheaval recently, which has resulted in some new and promising improvements in our family/home life, but has also wreaked havoc on my normal mama/housekeeper/chef/sewer routine.

Hence this terrible birthday cake for my son's second birthday...

Yes, that's the saddest little marshmallow-covered, cupcake igloo you've ever seen. I had grand visions of making an igloo cake, but without time to make more marshmallows or have buttercream set hard enough to place fondant over... I had to settle for using what was already in the house.

Even the icing which went onto the main cake for our consumption did not cooperate with me. Why is it that when I have a fail, it's always a colossal fail?

Luckily, the birthday boy was overjoyed to have his own cake and a little penguin to play with afterward. Never mind that the penguin was made from cheap store bought marshmallows, which refused to harden properly and remained tacky even after a couple of days of sticky-fingered play.

Young kids are so easily pleased. I think I've said this before - but I wonder how many more years I have before the kids realize how ghetto mommy's homemade stuff really is? :)

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