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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cooking with Kids: Apron Crazy

Aprons are always a great dress-up/utility item for kids. Over the years, I've made my share of aprons and chef's hats for little friends. My first few aprons were creations from off the top of my head, but most recently I've made a few using this great tutorial from Lier @ ikatbag.

What I love about Lier's tutorials and projects is the attention to detail and the functionality of her pieces... In the past, I've made my aprons with a d-ring on the neck strap for adjustability, but Lier's elasticized neck strap is pure genius for little heads and impatient hands.

These ones were made for my two boys after my eldest asked me to make him a "cooking dress" for his Kids in the Kitchen class at the local rec centre. I wanted the aprons to be masculine enough to be worn by my boys, but not so much so that they could not be passed down to the baby girl. Hence the bias tape made from green camouflage print and the fairly unisex pictures embellishing the apron pockets.

The apple and orange were cut freehand from some scrap fabric. Love being able to use up scraps... (Does anyone know at what point I need to stop saving the scraps and consider them garbage? I find it so hard to throw cloth into the garbage!)

Here are a couple more aprons that were made for another set of brothers.

The Thomas fabric seemed a bit thin, so these aprons were lined with some broadcloth.

I love aprons! So much variation and so quick to make. The best reward is that the kids love them and they are a totally practical dress-up item. Add in a chef's hat and the kids are in heaven. Picture op for moms and dads as well :)

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  1. Hi Jane! Came to see your aprons - they're lovely! And I totally relate to hoarding scraps. I used to save EVERY scrap, no matter how small, because I always convinced myself I could turn them into greeting cards. Eventually, I had to set a limit and throw away the small bits because I never did make the greeting cards. Now I have a small tub of scraps, even though I know I won't use 99% of them, just for the 1% of the time I know I'll need a tiny bit of red fabric, for instance. Silly me!