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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cooking with Kids: Chef Hats

Of course, every little chef in an apron needs a hat to complete the look.

Never mind the super wiggly sewing...
that's what happens when your super wiggly two year-old sits in your lap while you're sewing.

You can definitely make a chef's hat without a pattern... but I like this tutorial from because the adjustable headband is really nicely finished.

I modified this one to include a little bit of piping along the band and crown edge. I simply pinned the piping between the crown and band...

... and sewed it all together with the zipper foot. No basting required because the ruffling of the crown hides all anyway :)

I've also made them with coloured/patterned headbands and caps to coordinate with patterned aprons. Unfortunately, no pictures of those ones exist because they are currently being enjoyed by the kids they were made for :) Maybe I can get their mom to get a pic of her adorable children for me...

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