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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Late Summer Harvest 2012

My poor pumpkin has succumbed to the mildew wilt brought by the cucumber beetle and withered away into nothingness. As such, I was forced to harvest the pumpkins which are a good sugar pumpkin size. One pumpkin was so ripe that it actually fell off its stem when I picked it up, it will probably become the filling to a pie, cake, or muffin while the other three will likely adorn our front step warning of the approaching of fall (sigh).

 My cucumber plants have also really suffered with wilt and have probably given me their last batch of pickling cucumbers. These cucumbers have definitely got a spot reserved for them in next year's garden, as the pickles they produced were crisp and sweet with soft seeds and a super-thin skin. DH has got one of our first habeneros in one of the jars... we're anxiously awaiting the results of that experiment.

All the gardens are definitely past their prime and are in desperate need of some TLC which I've been neglectful of lately. It's the end of summer and hubby is home on some vacation time, so we've been trying to soak up the rays, the kids and each other before the hustle and bustle of the school year begins.

So please excuse any temporary lack of posting. I've been purposely ignoring the computer in favour of of family... that, and the fact that I "lost" the camera and all my blog-intended pictures. Luckily, the camera has been found and right after we get back from our vacation I'll clear out my back-log of half-written posts. Besides, it won't be long before the summer cooking recipes peter out and the Halloween sewing posts begins anyway.

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