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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Octopus Brewery Swag

My husband and his friend have started a brewery. I know, they're geeks. And I, marching in my own geek parade, thought, "How cool would it be if they had some shirts for their first tasting?"

So I asked my hubby what font and logo he envisioned on the shirts and then got working on designing something that I could actually transfer to a shirt.

Then I used on of the many tutorials on the internet available for "silk" screening with Mod Podge...

...bought some silk screen paint and plain shirts at Michaels and got to work.

Hubby loved the whole process and was fascinated by the fact that we could produce screens that could theoretically be used indefinitely.

The first run was for three shirts, two for the founders and one for me :) But I've already had a request from my clotheshorse firstborn to make him one too. Wonder if it's appropriate for a four year-old to wear a brewery t shirt?

Must be, if daddy is one of the co-founders ;)

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