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Friday, September 7, 2012

Beet Rainbow Slaw

Success!!! I found the key to beet love... okay, maybe not love, but at least it's beet like.

Hubby thought beets were pretty good in this raw shredded slaw. I had long suspected that it was probably a bad batch of canned or processed beets in the past that had him so turned off beets. So I figured that raw beets would be my next attempt at changing his mind.

We had invited friends over to share some pulled pork (slow-smoked all day in the Smokenator) and, of course, cole slaw had to be on the menu. So I sneakily grated some golden beets (CSA-organic, naturally) and pear into the otherwise normal cabbage and carrot slaw.

Hubby caught me in the act, but consented to try one sliver of raw beet and keep his mind open. He wasn't terribly impressed with the grated beet on its own, but once the salad was dressed and piled high atop a saucy mound of smoked pork, who could deny its sweet and tangy appeal?

Even I didn't think it would improve the coleslaw so dramatically - but it did. In fact, with the addition of beets and pears, I was able to omit the sugar from my usual coleslaw dressing ingredients... and the kids were intrigued by the rainbow colours.


Post script: While on vacay, we tried a craft beer that contained a prominent amount of beet sugar. Hubby recognised the taste right away, realised that a lot of things are actually sweetened by beet sugars and finally agreed that beets were good! Win-win-WIN.

Post-post script: If you're curious, the dressing was a combination of mayo, rice vinegar, celery seeds, Dijon and a dash of Worcestershire.

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