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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Future Kings and Queens... Update

My tenuous hold on my queendom has further eroded. The reluctant acceptance of my claim to the crown has been rescinded and the knight charged with my safe-keeping refuses to recognize my royal lineage.

Eldest son, E: "Baba, on October it's going to be Halloween and I'm going to be a knight and [little brother] is going to be a prince and [baby sister] is going to be a princess and you're going to be the king and mommy is going to be a pumpkin."

Me (flabbergasted): "A pumpkin!?! Why do I have to be a pumpkin?!?"

Hubby: "Yeah, why is mommy a pumpkin? Why can't she be the queen?"

E: "Oh... Well... then she can be a ladybug."

Me: "A ladybug? Where do you get these ideas?"

E (explaining slowly as if to a small child): "I'm... the... knight... Baba... is... the... king... And... you... can... be... a... ladybug."

Royal family history - A summary of ascension and overthrow
  1. Meteoric rise from "nothing" to "ahh.. ok... queen"
  2. Fall from grace to "pumpkin"
  3. Slight redemption to "ladybug"

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