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Monday, September 10, 2012

Future Kings and Queens...

Continuing in the Medieval and fantasy theme that has intrigued boys of all ages for all time, I've been tasked by my eldest to make him into a knight ("don't forget the sword, mommy!"). His little brother will be a prince ("because the prince and the knight protect the King") and our baby girl will be a princess ("because she looks like a princess, mommy").

Last year's dragon costume.
I've already decided that both boys will have more or less the same costume. They'll just have different accessories to complete the look because the last thing we need on Halloween is "But I want to be a knight like 哥 哥 [big brother]!"

When I asked what Baba and mommy should be, he replied, "Baba is the King because he's the biggest."

"What about mommy? What am I going to be?"

"Umm, nothing."

So hubby asked, "If I'm the King, shouldn't mommy be the Queen?"

Boy, reluctantly with a groan, "Ugghh... okay. Mommy can be a queen."

I guess the monarchy doesn't usually permit the peasantry, royal seamstresses included, into its ranks :P

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