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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Around the Yard 2012

Got a chance to snap some photos of spring arriving around our house. Here is the only thing blooming right now, a tiny stand of the cutest tulips. 

I remember thinking last year that I wish I had more blooming in the spring, but then with the arrival of baby #3 in the fall, I just didn't get around to planting some spring bulbs. Next year... yes, next year there will be daffodils and more early season tulips and more galanthus and perhaps my hyacinths will finally bloom. Ahh, always next year...

There's a lot to look forward to though.

Like my two peonies which were just emerging when the snow came and caused me to run out into the billowing wind and sleet to cover them before night fell.

Or the paper birch which will soon bud and gracefully turn our sunny spring bulb garden into a shady summer perennial bed.

Or how about when a Japanese maple finally unfurls its delicate leaves?

All this happening outside and, as I type, I can see dear daughter rocking back and forth on all fours trying to do more than her usual army crawl. Change is being heralded.

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