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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Planting with the Kids

Spring has sprung (minus the little hiccup that involved snow yesterday :P) and it's time to get planting for a new season. Last year, I started my seeds indoors much earlier in the spring and found that the seedlings were outgrowing their pots before the soil was warm enough to transplant them. So this year I waited until the warm weather seemed to settle in a bit more.

I've been saving eggshells for about a week or two to try them as seed pots. Beautiful repurpose and easy to plant... whoever thought of this first was a genius! I did buy some compostable seed pots because I wasn't sure how the larger plants (tomatoes, pumpkin, etc.) would fare in the little shells - but if they do well, it'll be all egg shells next year!

The kids had a ball filling up the eggshells and picking the seeds to go inside. I think they were tickled pink to be able to play with dirt inside the house! They chose all the seeds that came in the original packets with the piretty pictures and avoided my ghetto gathered and collected seeds from yesteryear's harvest :)

There were a few seeds that I've had on hand for more than a few years so I'm not sure that they will all germinate. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I'll be buying marigolds because those seeds looked pretty withered and spent.

Hubby has done a great job transforming our once empty backyard into liveable growing and playing space. It's still a work in progress with at least a few more years of projects, but things are really shaping up. It's a nice day today, so I'll see if I can't get a few pics to post when we go outside to play later.

Can't wait to start the garden!

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