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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fabric Easter Eggs with a Secret Pocket

Here's another fun Easter egg project from Sew, Mama, Sew! The fabric eggs themselves are nothing revolutionary, but the little secret pocket is so sweet and really adds a element of fun to the whole project.

The eggs were super fast to make and because they require so little fabric, they were another great use for my pile of scraps! Sweet.

Unfortunately, partway into making my eggs I remembered that I have no more craft batting... and being Good Friday, I had no way of obtaining any either. For a brief moment, I actually considered whether any of our pillows could be sacrificed... luckily for our home decor, I suddenly remembered that we had a soft teething toy/ball (a project from when the first-born was a baby) that was falling apart and destined for the scrap pile anyway.

Two identical ones for the boys and one girly one for the girl.
I guess I could have also filled these eggs with some bean bag fill, but the thought of one of the eggs bursting from overplay and scattering tiny styrofoam pellets all over the floor had me shelving that idea very quickly.

I filled the secret pocket with some M&M's wrapped in a tiny bit of foil (I wanted Mini Eggs, but you can't have something you forgot to buy!) and put one egg under each boy's pillow. In the morning, I'm going to tell them that the Easter Bunny visited them overnight and hid eggs all over their room... wonder what they'll think?

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