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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Quickie

Provocative title, huh?

Just having some fun with my hubby since he subscribes to my posts. This is not that kind of blog.

"Oy! What were you thinking?!?"

This is a blog that talks about a quick Father's Day craft that I did with my kids on Friday afternoon.

Just your typical egg carton caterpillar with the kids' paint choices and mommy's felt scrap eyes.

Plus some cute kid writing to personalize the gifts.

I was pretty surprised that 小哥 (little brother) actually tried to connect the dots that I made for him. I think he was really focused because he wanted "to pwint [print]" like his big brother. He may have done even better if he'd actually been using a primary printer instead of a fading Crayola mini marker.

And I am continually amazed by my eldest - from not even recognizing his own name at the beginning of the school year to being able to read and write a sentence... wow! When was the last time that I learned that much in less than a year? Actually, I'm amazed by children in general. It is so magical how the simple union of two cells produces this tiny human being who grows and changes and learns and matures.

It was nice having some nice weather outside and getting the opportunity to do a messy craft with the kids without worrying too much about cleaning up. (The kids "watered" the plants for me afterward, and since watering includes dunking their hands into the water bucket and watering each other, this effectively washed their hands). I love seeing the boys get all excited about making something for the man they love and look up to most in the world.

For the boys, the most fun thing about this whole craft was the fact that it was kept secret from baba. In fact, daddy was told as soon as he walked through the door that, "[he didn't] know what we did!" I was instructed to hide the caterpillars so that Baba wouldn't find them and while attempting to do so, I actually had a few of my hiding spots rejected as being "too easy, mommy!". 

Luckily, I knew I place that hubby dearest never ventures...

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