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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mesh Produce Bag Repurpose

Have you ever thought what a waste it was to throw these produce bags away? I don't usually buy packaged and wrapped vegetables or fruits but there are a few staples that come pre-bagged that I routinely purchase.

Avocados are one such item. Obviously, you can save these bags and use them as your produce bags, which is the fate of the above pictured bag. But other than saving them for reuse or the random craft, do they have any other repurpose? They do - in the most unusual place...

Here is a picture of my sons' room.

There is precious little wall space in the room because of one too many doors and an extra large window. So we're using every bit of space that we can to provide the kids with areas to organize their stuff and their life.

One such area is the magnet board (from Ikea) that contains the obligatory magnetic letters and also a great magnetic calendar gifted to us by a good friend. Unfortunately, both the letters and the calendar have tiny little pieces that could potentially fall down into this:

Thus started my search for something that could cover the cold air return without obstructing its function. Obviously, I could have bought a bit of chicken wire or fishnet and attached it underneath the vent cover but I figured that sooner or later I would come across something I could repurpose.

And along came the mesh produce bag...

repurposing plastic mesh produce bags

After cutting it open on both ends, it slipped over the vent cover like panty hose and now provides two layers of protection (top and bottom!).

Do you have any vents in your house that are voraciously gobbling up small items?


  1. Those produce bags come pretty handy when your dishwashing sponge is not working for you. Just chuck the sponge in the produce bag so it's snug in there. Tie a not and cut off the excess. Voila! It's a scrubby sponge!

    1. I usually just use a cloth and baking soda, it scrubs great... but I will probably use this tip to clean my stove since that greasy mess always ruins my sponge. Thanks, Chiho!