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Friday, June 29, 2012


This is all that is left of the beautiful bean plants that my sons planted while we were at the Zephyr Organics open house. They were all growing beautifully in and were beginning to outgrow the pots my sons had decorated while at the open house, so I moved them outside hoping that the boys would be able to harvest beans from their own plants in a few weeks.

All I can say is that I am very angry and annoyed at the bunnies and beginning to think that it's been a while since I've enjoyed braised rabbit.

Okay... [deep breath]... Here are some nicer pictures of our gardens.

The part of the veggie garden closest to us is where the snow peas and snap peas should have been - hence the bare patch [blood pressure is rising again, gotta move on...]. There are some carrots peeking up in the middle portion and, on the far side, there are some peppers and cucumbers. The monstrosity in the corner is a pumpkin vine which threatens to take over far more of the garden than I allotted to it. The far garden is full of tomato plants which seem to be doing reasonably well, as well as dill and mint plants that are perennially in that garden.

Not seen is the herb garden which contains my regular basil, thai basil, some more dill and cilantro. I had originally planned for oregano, thyme, lavender, parsley and lemongrass as well, but I had quite a few packs of seeds that were too old and I haven't had a chance to buy new seeds yet.

The annuals are filling in nicely and are beginning to crowd out some of the residual weeds in the box.

My clearance gladioli bulbs are doing great and I expect to have some nice blooms in a few more weeks. Hopefully, I'll remember (and have time!) to bring the bulbs in in the fall so that we can enjoy the glads again next year.

And the last of the spring flowers, my pale pink peony.

Currently, the front garden is looking a little green as it prepares for the echinaceas and day lilles that will dominate in the upcoming hot months of summer. I've already noticed a few patches that lack colour and am thinking that I may have to expand the garden yet again so that I can add in some flowers that will bridge the blooming gap between spring and summer.

Just making some work to distract myself from setting traps for the rabbits.

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