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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What to do with a Bold Bunny?

Grrrr.... A few years ago, it was all our lettuce. Last year, they ate every one of the heirloom black cherry tomatoes before we even managed a taste. This year, they demolished almost half of the tomato sproutlings. Now they've decided that they like pea shoots?!? I mean we love eating 豆苗 (pea shoots) too, but I was hoping to get some peas first!

Our resident bunny family has definitely gone too far this time and left me with no choice but to find the most humane way of discouraging them from foraging in our vegetable garden.

I know I could probably just spray the plants with hot pepper, goodness knows they'd be fools to nibble at that twice... but I don't want to blind the bunnies (or the kids) with any errant pepper spray.

So before our carrots start to become bunny fodder, I'm off to do some research.

Next year I'll be sure to plant a lot of lavender, dill, garlic and marigolds try to form a plant fence. But for this year, I'm gonna try it all - garlic powder, blood meal, hair clippings...

Who knows? Maybe I'll even resort to hubby's offer to pee around the garden and form an invisible fence. lol. 

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